Create butable USB

Often we have need to instal OS from bootable USB, instad from CD / DVD. There is meny ways to do it, eaven without any additiona software.

Manual method

On any Windows PC:
– Start elevated Command Propt (right click on CMD.exe, Run as Administrator)
– type diskpart – to start diskpart tool, text mode
– list disk – to see which disk is your USB
– select disk # – select USB, # is number of your USB
– clean – delete all content, including partitions
– create patition primary – …
– select partition 1 – choose first partiton
– active – make partiton active
– format FS=FAT32 – format partition, parametar QUICK can be added to make process much faster, sometimes it can take hours
– assign – can be also specified drive letter to be assigned, without defined drive letter it will be added automatically
– exit – to exit from diskpart
– close command prompt
– copy full content from installation ISO file to USB drive
More info about diskpart tool can be found on this link

Using programs

Insted to do it manually, it can be done using programs as Rufus, Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, YUMI, WiNToBootic, etc.