Outlook – Restore deleted attachment from email

It is not possible to restore deleted attachment from email, but, maybe, it is still not lost forever. If user leaved this attachment open when Outlook is closed and not a lot of time pass after this action, then in can be found in the internet temporary files. Continue reading “Outlook – Restore deleted attachment from email”

Forwarders, conditional forwarders

In some cases that DNS cannot answer on DNS query – there are no such record on local server, we can forward query to some other local server. There are two reasons to forward queries on another server:

  1. We wish to minimize number of servers with connection to internet
  2. We wish to forward certain requests to some other DNS server, for example in case of merging two companies/networks

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How to Pin Useful Shortcuts to Taskbar, like Computer or Recycle Bin

1. Right-click on Desktop and select “New -> Shortcut
2. In “Create Shortcut” wizard first enter the command from list:
  • explorer shell:MyComputerFolder (for My Computer shortcut)
  • explorer shell:RecycleBinFolder (for Recycle Bin shortcut)
  • explorer shell:ControlPanelFolder (for Control Panel shortcut)
  • explorer shell:Administrative Tools (for Administrative Tools shortcut)
  • explorer shell:ChangeRemoveProgramsFolder (for Programs and Features shortcut)
  • explorer shell:NetworkPlacesFolder (for Network shortcut)
  • explorer shell:Favorites (for Favorites shortcut)
  • explorer shell:HomegroupFolder (for Homegroup shortcut)
  • explorer shell:Games (for Games shortcut)
  • explorer shell:Fonts (for Fonts shortcut)
  • explorer shell:UserProfiles (for Users folder shortcut)
  • explorer shell:Profile (for your username folder shortcut)
  • explorer shell:Public (for Public folder shortcut)
  • explorer shell:My Documents (for Documents shortcut)
  • explorer shell:Common Documents (for Public Documents shortcut)
  • explorer shell:My Music (for Music folder shortcut)
  • explorer shell:CommonMusic (for Public Music folder shortcut)
  • explorer shell:My Pictures (for Pictures folder shortcut)
  • explorer shell:CommonPictures (for Public Pictures folder shortcut)
  • explorer shell:My Video (for Videos folder shortcut)
  • explorer shell:CommonVideo (for Public Videos folder shortcut)
  • explorer shell:Downloads (for Downloads folder shortcut)
  • explorer shell:CommonDownloads (for Public Downloads folder shortcut)
  • explorer shell:::{3080F90E-D7AD-11D9-BD98-0000947B0257} (for Flip 3D or Window Switcher shortcut)
  • explorer “some network or local path to folder”

3. Finish wizard
4. Move shortcut to Taskbar

Enable NumLock on login to Windows 10

  • Open regedit
  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Keyboard
  • Change InitialKeyboardIndicators value to 2
  • Go to HKEY_USERS
  • Search for InitialKeyboardIndicators under HKEY_USERS and change it to 2
  • Exit
  • Shutdown (do not restart)
  • Boot up windows
  • On logon screen switch on numLock
  • Do not login. Shut down windows using power button on login page


Instead of shutdown/wake up/shutdown/wake up process can be disabled Fast startup feature.